Jason & Paula

Jason is a partner in an accountancy practice. He is married to Paula who is a part time teacher. They have three grown up children. Both Jason and Paula are in their mid-50’s and enjoy a comfortable but not extravagant lifestyle. Paula lost her parents two years ago and inherited a significant amount of cash. It was at that point in her life that she went part time in her career.

Jason has no desire to leave his practice and enjoys his work. He does however want to make the most of his assets and income and also likes the idea of having a clear and accurate picture of his financial future so that he can make decision based on facts.

Paula wants the freedom to enjoy her life and support her family. Her inheritance has given her financial freedom and she would like to ensure that her children have the same experience.

NTM Financial Services Ltd works very closely with Jason and his Practice supporting their clients on auto enrolment, pension, protection and investment issues. He has seen the value that we give to his clients and has asked us to provide a Planning Service. Jason wants to be in control of his life and be confident of making the right decisions. He wants to know what the future has in stall from him and his family. Paula needs an income from her inheritance but wants to know that the value will be maintained and passed on to their children.

NTM conducted a full and comprehensive audit of Jason and Paula’s financial affairs. Established what they wanted to happen and when. We built a model of their financial position which enabled us to project forward likely scenarios based on agreed factors. Basically we did a cash flow analysis. This gave a picture of the future. We met with Jason and Paula and together looked at what was likely to happen and consider changes that may happen such as illness or loss of an income. They were able to consider the facts and Jason felt in control. Paula was pleased that the income she was taking did not adversely affect the long term value of her inheritance. In fact Paula was able to take a larger income and give up her part time job to help her daughter who had recently set up a new business.

Jason is able to analyse his financial future now rather than working with estimations. He feels secure and in control when making important financial decisions.